Is a Bad Battery Holding You Back?

Replace it at Yakima Battery & Auto Electric

The battery in your car or ATV could be dying for a lot of different reasons. No matter what those reasons are, you should bring your vehicle to Yakima Battery & Auto Electric today. We'll find the best battery for your vehicle. If we don't have the one you need, we'll order it for you! Why put up with bad battery issues? Call us today and be confident that your vehicle will start on your command.

Why is your battery giving you trouble?

Why is your battery giving you trouble?

Your battery suffers through a lot every day. Depending on its age, your battery may have lost much of its charge. Here are a few reasons a battery can go bad:

  • Loss of water in the cells
  • Deterioration due to age
  • Parasitic draw
  • Defective alternator diodes
  • Drain on the system when you leave electronics on when the engine is off
If your car, truck or other vehicle has a bad battery, call Yakima Battery & Auto Electric today!